Paradise on Earth

Future home of the world's first NFT resort
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Access a hidden utopia

With a Gratitude Hotels Access card NFT, members have access to a private vacation club that IS able to give back to less fortunate communities
Gratitude Hotels access card NFT
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It’s about

Giving back

A Gratitude Hotels Access Card allows us all to give back to the less fortunate by helping to develop communities in Costa Rica.

Blockchain-based travel

A better booking experience

Make travel memberships easier with on the  on-chain transfer of ownership, and secondary market trading at your convenience.

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Join with a

Like-minded community

Have a say in how this project is run. Vote on Company Decisions with the DAO Token - Future Hotel Locations, Hotel Names.

Gratitude has its benefits

Each access card includes

A suitcase icon

4 stays

Access card NFT icon

Access Card NFT
For reservations

Dao token icon

DAO Token
Tokens of Gratitude

A mech mint swag bag icon

Merch Mint Passes

icon of a palm tree based on the Gratitude Hotels logo

Win Free Stays
Through airdrops

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Plus, so much more to come

Mint Now
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The road to Paradise

Beta Window Reservation?

Preferably before December 31st 2022 (Night stays will not be lost)

What are the benefits to minting now?

Our First 30 Minters will become our OG FOUNDERS and will receive MAJOR BENEFITS - Including a membership to all Future Hotels when paired with (1) membership of any future hotels and a 20% discount to mint membership

Is there a separate public mint?

Yes, this is our beta mint which includes 
• 4 nights
• ATV rental for duration of stay
• Merch Redeemable NFT
• DAO Token which will also be redeemable
• Access Card

Our Membership mint is scheduled for January 2023 which will be much more $$$
That will be for 300-600 Holders Only

What is the difference between the Access Card and the Membership?

• Access Card Grants you Access to our community and gives you discounts to retreats all over the world with partnering communities
• Membership Card Grants you X number of stays to said Hotel 

How much will the Access Cards be in the Future?

Access Cards will mint for .1 and they will be capped at 1000

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Gratitude Hotels access card NFT

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